Schedule of Fees

Full Home InspectionsPrice Ancillary ServicesPrice
Heated Sq Ft up to 1500300.00Radon Gas Testing150.00
Heated Sq Ft 1501-2000325.00Termite/ WDIR inspection <4000 sqft75.00
Heated Sq Ft 2001-2500350.00(performed by a 3rd party state licensed pest inspection company)
Heated Sq Ft 2501-3000375.00Water Testing (price varies by test)Call
Heated Sq Ft 3001-3500400.00(analysis by independent certified laboratory)
Heated Sq Ft 3501-4000425.00
Heated Sq Ft 4001-4500450.00*Carbon Monoxide Testing100.00
Heated Sq Ft 4501-5000475.00*Home Energy Inspection100.00
Heated Sq Ft 5001 +500.00*Gas Leak Detection100.00
Additional Sq Ft over 5001.25/ sqftAir/Allergy/Mold Testing (2)200.00
Over 25 years old25.00
Over 50 years old50.00      *All items containing an * are included for free with a full home inspection
Detached Structures.25/ sqftConstruction Consulting (2 Hr min) 125.00/Hr
Re-inspection125.00Call today for a quote 704-664-1599